Harrison Matters

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Zoning Amendment

                I am against this recent amendment because it leaves the door open to build huge projects on the properties specified in this amendment. I would like to see this changed to keep this major building projects in check. With over 750 residents against this as representatives of these people the town board should have listened to everything these residents had to say.


Brightview Project (Nursing home in the West Harrison Quarry)

                This absolutely does not belong in a residential neighborhood. This should be on Westchester Ave. Westchester Ave is a main artery which has easy access to the hospitals and highways.


Downtown Area of Harrison

                I would like to make accommodations for low cost loans to the landlords in the downtown area to refurbish the building facades to be uniform. Perhaps hire an architect to design a cohesive downtown area with a consistent look. I also would like to work with the MTA to create two multilevel parking garages one at each end of the MTA project to provide parking in the downtown business district not on the edge of town


Commercial garbage collection.

                I think we should allow the coops to get town garbage collection and also we should have keep the schools in the collection routes perhaps to raise the monthly fee to collect revenue.

I also think that for the elderly, disabled, especially disabled Veterans, we should not require them to bring their garbage to the curb.


We need to change the parking requirements to 2 cars per apartment to create a smaller footprint on new buildings


We need to Bond a lot less than we are now.


Create a smoother process to bring in new businesses like the surrounding communitees do. The current process discourages new business growth.